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Hairstyles Online
offers you huge savings and special offers on chic, fashion, PPD free and ammonia free, hair colouring products from our online shop. Please click here now for our
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Salon home dye kits for chic fashion!

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Hairstyles Online

Smart Beauty have created funky, fashionable Salon colouring techniques such as highlights, slices, tips, undercolour and chunks

By using top stylists and hair colourists, we've simplified them into a collection of easy to use home hair colouring kits available from the High Street and here online.

And they are safe to use because they are PPD and Ammonia free as well!

Chic Fashion

Colouring and styling techniques from a home kit! Our extensive home hair collection has been divided into:

Smart Hair Colour Styling, Highlighting, Duo Highlighting and our all new curling kits. So, you don’t have to be a professional stylist to use Smart hair products!
We provide a complete kit that contains all you need, plus an informative step-by-step illustrated instruction guide to ensure you get your hair right first time.

Introducing our new Smart Bikini range of styes and colours for your bikini hair! Smart Beauty has created two unique bikini fashion ranges Bikini Colour and Bikini Styler.

Bikini Colour

Smart Bikini Colour gives a gentle but stunning colouring effect with outstanding depth and tone in a long lasting colour result.

Bikini Styler

Finally! A professional hair remover that leaves no doubt... your hair will be completely removed leaving beautiful, shiny, smooth skin, without the expense and trouble of costly salons!

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Welcome to the world of beauty styling- where we aim to give you the innovation and confidence to create fabulous hairstyles inspired by your life, your dreams or the stage and screen.

How would you feel if people stopped you in the streets and asked you where you got your hair coloured?
Would you feel even better if you’d done it yourself at home?
It really is possible with Smart Beauty home care kits!

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We want you to get the most from our inspirational Smart Beauty products.

It’s easy to achieve fantastic dye effects and lasting results at home using Smart Beauty products, no matter how adventurous your colour ambitions. To ensure that your experience is both successful and positive, this product support site provides friendly advice and essential information at the click of a button.

Find the answers to your most common hair-colouring questions in the options below – from application advice or colour correction to tracking your order – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our information is professional, comprehensive and simple to locate. If you still can’t find exactly what you are looking for, please call our helpline on 0870 608 9990, representatives will be pleased to help you directly from Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm. To get in touch with us any time outside these hours, please complete our contact form, and it will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Smart Beauty TV is a new and exciting set of video tutorials created to inspire you with the latest trends in styling.

We have been dying our manes for centuries. The ancient Greeks used soaps and bleaches to create lightening effects and identified with honour and courage. The Romans darkened their locks with dyes made from vegetables.

Women used to darken their tresses to disguise grey. Then came the punk revolution and colouring became fashionable. Now, the hairstyling market has taken off all over the world, and Smart Beauty has developed a collection that sets the standard for the 21st century with PPD free products.

The all over, bright and bold fashions of the 1990's has been replaced by subtle, complementary, partial dying in the first decade of the new century, made fashionable by stars from Madonna to Atomic Kitten.

Smart Beauty is a unique formulation, which penetrates your folicles through to the cortex and gently lightens your natural hue, and at the same time deposits a vibrant new coating, which holds to the surface of your cuticle.

The Magic Of Styling:
Add beauty and glamour to our static life. The hues which express our feelings are used in cosmetics, couture and surroundings. They give us the freedom to scatter rainbow shades according to the occasion. Todays fashion world thrill people of all ages and classes. Dyes come in different shades, forms and qualities for different textures.

Trendy Shades:
The common shades used these days are reds and browns. Experts always go for brown and golden streaks for wheatish skin tones. Whereas for fair skin, they go for reddish or purple shades.

You are unique and no one else has exactly the same hue as you!

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Smart beauty supplies quality PPD free and Ammonia free products which are bought by thousands of satisfied customers from all around the world.

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